Thanks for the wait, everyone. We truly wanted to return in October, but unfortunately Steam tanking indie visibility in September changed things.
With the added uncertainty, we simply can't afford to spend time on projects not related to Rune Fencer Illyia.

We sincerely want to continue SJA, and I think we'll return at a point when we have more downtime to work on it.

We want to thank everyone for reading so far, and we hope that you'll join us again when we return!

-Kirb and Orange

If you want to keep up with Orange and I, check us out on twitter, we're pretty active! We'll definitely update both on RSS and on twitter with any news!
@AMO_Crate and @OrangeSees

Also, for god's sake, check out our kickass game! We're already available to wishlist on Steam!: http://steam.runefencerillyia.com/
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